Future Global Leaders Fellowship in USA for 2019

The Future Global Leaders Fellowship can only be awarded to highly ambitious new students with modest backgrounds, who are characterized by high resilience and academic achievement.

These Future Global Leaders Fellows must be determined to become powerful leaders in the world and to understand that the extent of their impact on the world is directly related to the amount of power and influence they accumulate.

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About Fortis Society

At the end of the program, Future Global Leaders fellows will join the Fortis Society – the world’s first private network of leaders committed to the success of everyone in a better world.

Fortis’ goal is to connect future leaders – united by merit, not a privilege – by creating an impressive global network that can deliver each other at the highest levels of success, strength, and energy. global influence to have a positive impact.

The stock market offers many invaluable opportunities to Future Global Leaders Fellows. The aim is to promote the development of the members and to prepare them for integration into the Fortis society.

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  • LEADERSHIP TRAINING: In the summer, after their first year of training, the FGL fellows are intensively trained for three weeks at the National Outdoor Leadership School in the USA. Together, they follow a rigorous leadership training program and build strong relationships by overcoming extreme physical and psychological challenges in nature. NOLS alumni include NASA teams, Fortune 500 teams, and Wharton / Harvard MBAs.
  • MENTORING AT A HIGH LEVEL: The Future Global Leaders Fellows are working with us to find a high-level leader in their field who will be their mentor for three years. FGL mentors provide personal information about what is needed to achieve the highest level of success and to develop the networks of Fellows.
  • Global Financing of Internships: FFL does not match Future Global Leaders Fellows with internships. The scholarship holders complete an internship abroad (ie outside their country of birth, heritage and residence) and we offer individual support and financial support Internship costs that are not borne by the company / Scholarships.

Fellows have completed internships in more than 30 countries in companies such as Goldman Sachs, Facebook, Google, the United Nations, Grameen Bank, BNP Paribas, US Embassies, Clinton Foundation, and more.

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Why the Future Global Leaders Fellowship?

Level/ Field of Study

The Future Global Leaders Fellowship is for students who are pursuing their studies in the following field of study

  • Engineering,
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Politics
  • Film
  • Finance,
  • International affairs
  • Computer science and many more.

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Host country

The 2019 Future Global Leaders Fellowship is to be hosted by Future Leaders Foundation in the United States.

Eligible participating nationalities

The 2019 Future Global Leaders Fellowship is available for African students in the US. Read also if you wish to study outside your country Simple and Detailed Answers about Applying and Winning a Scholarship.

Scholarship Benefit

All program costs are covered by the Future Leaders Foundation.

(1) Mentorship from world-renowned professionals;
(2) Three-week Intensive leadership training;
(3) Funding and support for an internship abroad;
(4) Customized career advice and tools;
(5) Access to an influential international network

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Eligibility for Future Global Leaders Fellowship

Applicants must be in the first-year university and meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • First-generation or low-income university students – students who have no background family background or low-income earners.
  • Evaluation of academic excellence – throughout high school and in the first months of the current school year.
  • Proven leadership skills – through self-initiated initiatives and projects or leadership in their schools or communities.

In addition to our eligibility criteria, our admissibility committee will consider the following features:

  • Contagious charisma and unshakeable strength of character – two common traits essential to all leaders.
  • Resilience and courage – proven by overcoming hardships.
  • An inexhaustible global ambition – accompanied by a realistic strategy, the ability to implement and the willingness to make sacrifices and take risks to achieve extraordinary success.
  • Altruism – proven by the desire to implement a great positive change that has reached the highest levels of power and influence.
  • A strong desire to join Fortis – at the end of the three-year scholarship.

How to apply for 2019 Future Global Leaders Fellowship 

Thoroughly go through the website and download your honorary pledge, resume template and sample application.

Click here to apply.

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