Apply Now for the Walmart Scholarships 2019-2020


The Walmart Foundation is pleased to announce the Walmart Associate Scholarship Program, which is administered by Scholarship America on behalf of the Walmart Foundation. The Walmart scholarship is available to staff members (employees) who participate in the Walmart Lifelong Learning Program through the American Public University, and for associates pursuing postsecondary education at an institution of higher education.

Qualified students are encouraged to apply for the Walmart Scholarship Program. The Walmart Scholarship 2019 is worth $16000. Apply Now before Walmart Scholarship Deadline.

The program is intended for associates who have earned a high school/home school diploma or GED. The maximum award amount is $16000 for the winners over a period of 6 years.

The Walmart Foundation’s mission is to create opportunities so people can live better. Walmart is committed to helping people live better through addressing community needs and enhancing opportunities for education, workforce development, environmental sustainability, and health and wellness. Walmart also supports disaster relief efforts, veterans and military families, individuals with disabilities, and the underserved.

Does Walmart pay for college?

Walmart is offered to all employees of the American Walmart store in the US. The supply chain, home office, Sam’s Club, full-time and part-time employees all have the opportunity to attend college for just $ 1 per day throughout the duration of the university program. Walmart covers the total cost, along with financial aid, education, fees, and books.

Eligibility For Walmart Scholarship 2019:

Associates must meet all of the following criteria before applying for the Walmart Scholarship 2019:

  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States.
  • Must be employed part-time or full-time with any division of Walmart for at least six consecutive months prior to the application due date for the award period in which the associate is applying.
  • Must have graduated high school/home school, have obtained a GED or be a graduating high school senior who intends to enroll in a college or university upon graduation.
  • If applying as a graduating high school senior, you must wait to apply until you are within 6 months of starting your college courses.
  • Must have financial need and be able to demonstrate the need with the required documents. (Note: Associates with other funds that pay entirely for tuition, books, fees and on-campus room and board are not eligible.)
  • Academic requirement- an associate must have graduated high school/home school or obtained a GED before applying, or a graduating high school senior who is within 6 months of starting a college course.